Your child goes to school soon? It's time to find the favorite nursery/preschool and kindergarten for your child. Lovia provides information on the best preschools in Indonesia.

What is Preschool and Why Preschool is Important for your Child?

Early childhood education (ECE / nursery education) is important for your child, because in this early years, a child can absorb much more information and at a faster rate than grown-ups. The child's environemnt will affect both the child's cognitive and emotional growth because of the brain's rapid growth during early childhood years. The quality of early childhood education and preschool will have a long-lasting effect in a child's life. So a good education will be helpful to ensure the child's happiness and success in the future. This is evident from reports of many research (source: UNICEF).

Early childhood education is providing academic and playful education to children before formal education (primary or elementary school), and is usually for children between 2 and 6 years old.

What is the Difference Between Nursery, Preschool, Childcare, Daycare, dan Kindergarten?

Preschool is a broad category and there are several more specific categories of preschool, know the differences:

  • Nursery / Preschool / Playgroup. This preschool category is early childhood education before formal education (primary school or elementary school), with the basic programme is to nurture good socialization skills in children, provide a playful environment, and basic academic skills. Good preschools also have trained and certified teachers.
  • Childcare / Daycare. Childcare is a place where your child will be cared for. The primary focus is to provide safety and to keep your child comfortable during your busy day. Educational material is optional, so the children's time will be spent more on playing and relaxing.
  • Kindergarten. Kindergarten is the next step after preschool, and before the formal education (primary school or elementary school). Compared to preschools, kindergarten focuses more on structured curriculum with more academic/education content than free playing. Kindergarten is usually not part of formal education, however some states or primary schools may require your child to graduate kindergarten. Primary schools also require an exam upon admission, which is prepared during kindergarten.

Guide and Tips of Choosing The Best Preschool for Your Child

  1. Find the best information. You can use Lovia website to get complete information about the best nursery & preschools in your city. You can also contact us to get more information or if there are missing information that you need.
  2. Visit the preschool that you are interested in. Preschool phase is very important for your child's growth, make sure you visit the preschool personally to match your expectations.
  3. Check their curriculum. Make sure that they have a curriculum that is well accepted and allows your child to learn, while ensuring his future.
  4. Ask how they respond toward undesirable behavior. How will they respond if another child bullies your child? Ask questions so you can be sure your child is in good hands.
  5. Take your child with you on your next visit. Of course, because your child is the one that will experience the whole education process in his/her new school, make sure he/she will be comfortable in there. It's so much better if your child can also interact with his/her new friends and teachers.
  6. Take advantage of the school trial. A preschool will offer your a free day of education trial so that your child can fully experience what it's like to learn and play in his/her new environment. Enjoy this offer to see how your child responds and to be sure whether this preschool is the best preschool for your child and you as parents.