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BPJS Health or Social Security Organizing Agency is one of the government programs in the health sector that is intended for all Indonesian people. Currently registering BPJS health has begun to be easy to do, the public can choose to register online or offline. The following are the requirements and guidelines for registering BPJS online and offline.

Register BPJS via online.

1. Prepare Requirements Documents

Required documents in the online BPJS registration process are:

  • Identity Card Number (KTP)
  • Family Card Number (KK)
  • TIN number
  • Bank Account Number and Owner Name
  • Child Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Recent Photographs 3x4

2. Enter the Official BPJS Health Website

You can access the official website of BPJS KesATAN at https://www.bpjs-k Before registering, the system on the website will provide some procedural directions and requests for approval from you as a potential BPJS Health participant. Please read carefully the terms and conditions of your obligations.

  • Participant Rights
    • Get a participant card as a participant's identity to get health services.
    • Obtain benefits and information about rights and obligations and health service procedures in accordance with applicable regulations.
    • Get health service in a health facility that works with BPJS Health, and
    • Submit complaints / complaints, criticisms and suggestions verbally or in writing to BPJS Health.
  • Obligations of Participants
    • Registering himself and his family members as BPJS Health participants.
    • Pay dues
    • Provide complete and correct data about himself and his family members
    • Report changes in the data of himself and his family members, including changes in class, rank or amount of salary, marriage, divorce, death, birth, moving address and moving to a first-level health facility.
    • Keeping participant cards from being damaged, lost or used by unauthorized people.
    • Comply with all provisions and procedures for health services.

3. Melakukan Proses Pendaftaran Secara Online

The next step is to enter the data yourself into the system. Here are the things that need to be done:

  • Fill in your Family Card (KK) number and enter the captha code according to the picture that appears.
  • After that, a list of all family members will appear, then click on the next process
  • Then the form form will appear that you must complete:
    • Enter the cellphone number (the active one), the NPWP number, and then search for the village you wish to select
    • Check the statement box
  • Next is we have to choose Level I Health Facilities, this is done to make the first referral when we are sick. Usually Level I Health Facilities around your area, can be health centers / clinics / private doctors / others
  • Uploading photos (maximum file size is 50 kb)
  • Next you are asked to complete the data:
    • Data of family members
    • Choose the treatment class (Class I / II / III)
    • Enter the bank account number and the name of the owner
    • enter mobile number (active)
    • Enter email address (email that can be opened)
    • click Captha
  • Then BPJS will send you a confirmation email. You need to open your email and confirm. By clicking the URL in the email and after that you will get a Virtual Account (VA) number
  • The online BPJS registration process is complete. You must immediately make a payment with the Virtual Account (VA) that you get. After that, you can only download and print e-IDs.

Register BPJS via offline.

1. Prepare Requirements Documents

The required documents in the BPJS Health registration process are:

  • Identity Card (KTP) - Photocopy
  • Family Card (KK) - Photocopy
  • Marriage Book - Photocopy
  • Child Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate - Photocopy
  • Recent Photographs 3x4, 1 sheet

2. Perform the Offline Registration Process

After you come to the BPJS Health office and bring the required documents, the next steps are:

  • Fill in the registration form
  • Submit the form to the clerk to be processed in the BPJS system, then you will get a virtual account number and information on the amount of contributions that you must immediately pay for the first time
  • Make contribution payments through banks that have collaborated with BPJS Health, namely BRI / Mandiri / BTN / BNI banks
  • Submit proof of payment to the officer to print your BPJS Health card
  • BPJS cards can be accepted and active after 14 working days.

Conditions for Taking Health BPJS Cards

The BPJS card can be collected at the BPJS branch office. The following are the requirements for taking a BPJS Health card:

  1. Filling in form
  2. Document Requirements that must be carried:
    • Identity Card (KTP) - Photocopy
    • Family Card (KK) - Photocopy
    • Child Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate - Photocopy
    • Recent Photographs 3x4, 1 sheet (for online registrants)
    • Virtual Account (VA) / e-ID that has been printed (for online registrants)
    • Proof of payment of Health BPJS contributions from the Bank / PPOB

- Website resmi BPJS
- Website Finansialku

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