In essence, we no one knows what will happen in the future. The things that we go through every day it allows something negative to happen so that forces us to spend more money that is unexpected how much. If you include people who are very prepared for the unexpected, the risk of loss that you can pass easily.

But what about you who have no preparation for the unexpected? Surely it will be overwhelmed to react to it right? Therefore, let's prepare ourselves to minimize the risk of loss due to negativity by insuring something that needs to be insured. Insurance is a solution for you to protect from the risk of uncertainty of the unexpected.

Here are some benefits of having insurance

  1. Provides Calm and Safe

    Sometimes thinking about certain risks can be a worry that never ends. However, if we are already registered in accident, death, or health insurance, you will feel safer if these unwanted events occur. Insurance provides a sense of security to deal with all that so you can concentrate more on your activities and develop yourself.
  2. Provide Guarantees and Certainty of Each Customer

    A certain risk is always uncertain. Another benefit of insurance is that you can get certainty from these risks with certainty from insurance. That is, you can already estimate the costs or financial consequences of risks that can arise at any time with a relatively definite value.
  3. Financial Efficiency Manage

    Usually every family or individual already has unexpected funds to use in times of emergency. The existence of insurance will help you to reduce unexpected expenses which are usually much higher than your daily or even monthly expenses. By having insurance, you do not need to pay the full cost of losses suffered because the insurance service provider will provide compensation.
  4. As an Investment and Savings

    In certain types, there are insurance facilities that have a cash value if not used or there is no submission of a claim. Such types are called whole life or endowment. Even now, there is insurance combined with investments known as unit links. Of these types, insurance can not only reduce the risk to yourself and your assets, but also can be a means of saving and a tool for investment.
  5. Helps Minimize Losses

    The main function of insurance is as a risk diverser, insurance of course can make the potential losses that you can experience from certain risks to a minimum. This is what makes insurance known as risk reduction.
  6. Provide Protection

    Another insurance benefit is providing protection for customers. A good insurance company will embrace and help customers when a disaster occurs, so that customers are protected from various types of losses that may occur.
  7. Can Make It Easier to Get Loans from Banks

    To get a loan from a bank there are certainly many requirements. However, the case is different if you already have insurance for your collateral, the bank will not think long to accept your submission. Because goods that are insured will get protection when a problem occurs in the future.

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